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General Notes

This part of the documentation should provide you information about jwma's run-time configuration. For compile-time possibilities, please refer to the development documentation.

What can be configured?

jwma has a lot of features which require/allow configuration at run-time. These features can be configured by changing configuration parameters which generally belong to one of the following three different scopes:
  1. User scope (parameters related to a specific user)
  2. Host scope (parameters related to a specific post office host)
  3. Site scope (parameters related to a jwma site)
User scope parameters
are called "preferences" and they are represented by an object model, whose instance tree is persisted using an arbitrary mechanism implemented by a plugin implementation. Naturally the user scope parameters can be adjusted by each user individually, however, there is also a need for providing "intelligent defaults".
To fulfill this requirement the user's preferences are populated with defaults when they are created the first time (i.e. if they are changed later on, this change won't have any effect for already existing users). The default parameters are provided by site and host scope parameters and are copied or assembled into the user's starting preferences.
For more detailed information about the preferences (with a description of all parameters), please make sure to take a look the preferences specification. This document will be of help when working with the site template.

Host scope parameters
are stored in the configuration.xml file (see specification for more details). These belong to the post office host where the user has his/her store.

Site scope parameters
are stored in following files: These contain parameters which will affect the behavior of the application in general.

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