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Welcome to jwma
Primarily jwma is a WebMail implementation in Java, enabling the user to access, manage and compose email using a standard web browser. However, jwma is more then that. If you are interested, then read the more detailed overview on the features and use of jwma.
Please note that you you might be looking at an offline copy, and that you will always find the latest release version of this documents at However, as the online version will reflect the latest release version, it might be better to browse the local version that came with the release you are using.

Target audience
System administrators that want to enable their users to access, manage and compose email using a standard web browser. jwma offers sufficient features, stability and total control over the look and feel. Especially the latter is supported through jwma's underlying MVC model 2 architecture, and allows to change the "user interface" to the site's needs; very simple and fast.
Additionally jwma's architecture allows integration with other Java Server Side systems, through the creation of controllers and views with other template or active page technologies (e.g. Webmacro, Velocity etc.) for web clients, as well as others.

A word of warning
jwma doesn't represent a shrink-wrapped product. jwma is open-source and can be downloaded and deployed for free. This implies that your expectations might not be met, and it might cost you valuable time to really deploy jwma. However, we are constantly trying to improve jwma and its documentation, and will especially be able to do so if we receive help in form of feedback (hints, configuration examples, source code etc.). The project site on SourceForge offers several ways to do so.

A word about recent development
I remember an ex colleague who used the text mode email client mutt because it "sucks less than other email clients". I also I like mutt, but I was looking something more non-techie user friendly that I could just drop into a java web app server and have it work. There were a few options; at the time this project had not been maintained for over 10 years and I think it's fair to say it had started to wither on the vine. Be that as it may, I liked it.

Starting with version 0.99-1 in 2013, I've removed the uncompleted work to make an administrator interface and made it more quickly obvious how to tweak site settings from the configuration files. I've also made it easier to switch from XML to SQL storage and from IMAP to IMAPS, added a couple of new features and made a few existing features work a little better. The 1.0 version has had no testing outside of my own Debian/Dovecot/Exim4/Tomcat base but if the 0.98 version works on your system, the latter versions should do too. In fact I hope I've made it suck less and slightly more shrink wrapped :-) To get started, please look at the QUICKSTART file.

The project is documented extensively in varying levels of detail and from different perspectives:

Discussions, bug reports, contact information
Interaction is possible via the facilities offered by SourceForge. Please visit the projects site there, following the link to . You will find:

You can also contact me sending mail to (in English, German and Spanish)

jwma releases are distributed via SourceForge. Please use the project's download files page.

Legal notices & Credits
jwma is developed by the jwma team and is available under a BSD style open source license. However, it incooperates various available technologies and users have to observe various trademarks, copyrights and licenses.
Please also visit our credits page.

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